Fra Astro Butterfly:

Life is not about living a pain-free life, but about choosing the type of discomfort we want to experience:

The first type of wound is continuously stepping outside our comfort zone. Taking risks, putting ourselves out there, failing, being rejected, and starting it all over.

When you ask someone out on a date, you risk rejection. When you get a promotion, you feel awkward surrounded by people with more experience than you, who treat you like a novice. When you launch a book, you take the risk that no one might read it. When you start a business, you deal with uncertainty and responsibility. When you become a parent, you live with the constant worry of not being able to protect your child from pain and suffering.

The second type of wound is more subtle. It’s the pain of living an unfulfilled life, of sitting with your latent potential and not doing anything about it. Deep inside you KNOW you are here for more, and that with every minute that goes by you’re slowly wasting your life, YET you don’t do anything about it, either because it’s too hard, or because you don’t know what to do.

What type of pain do you want to experience?

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