(Channeled message summer 2018)

What if you only have this lifetime to explore being a human being?
What if you never get a second chance?
What if I told you, you could experience so much more love, laughter, joy, peacefulness, adventure if you want to – all you have to do is go get it. Do it. Don’t hold yourself back.

I know you have excuses. Fear. Resistance. Stories.
But what if you just look behind all that? If it is all just a lie? A pattern of thinking that is really not true?

Behind all of these thoughts is a higher consciousness – a new way of thinking, being, doing things.

In this lifetime you are a human being. With skills. Talents. And a consciousness. Use it with intent.

What do you want to explore? See? Feel? Touch? Taste? Listen to? Experience while you are here?


Don’t be to little. Don’t be ’nice’. Don’t be Shy. Don’t hold yourself back. Really.

Go for it. Be bold. If you can dream it – and feel it in your hear –  you can do it.

You CAN experience it.

Just go for it. This is your chance to evolve and experience the real YOU. Experience the world of manifestations. Of pleasure. Of LIFE!



You really don’t know if you get a second chance, right?

You really don’t know what comes after this experience, so fucking hell – go for it. Do it. What ever it is your heart is telling you to explore – do it.

You are a human being right now – and this means you HAVE a possibility to experience and sense everything your conscious mind gets of crazy ideas or visions for the next moment.

Create your moments. Create your experiences. Really. Everything in your mind can be reflected out in the material world – if you act on it!!!


Don’t waist this opportunity. Don’t hold yourself back because of old unrealistic patterns. Dont let old thinking that really does not serve you, let you miss your opportunities for living. For being ALIVE


Go. JUST GO FOR IT. What ever it is you are dreaming for.




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