Is your internal flame burning strong?

Inside each one of us is a flame, it is your life force energy. You were born with it. It’s yours to take care of and nurture through all of your life – with your choices.

It is your job to keep the flame burning strong.
Your life force energy is your inner drive to live life fully, its your inner glow, your creativity, your passion, your desires and lust for life.
Its what makes you FEEL VIBRANT & ALIVE in every cell of your body 🔥

Your internal flame can be like a hugh big fire – or it can be just a small tiny flame, almost not burning.
It all depends on the CHOICES you make!!!

These days/ years many people don’t fell alive and vibrant.
Their inner flame has died out because of fear, outer restrictions and rules.
They have stagnated in life and lost the feeling of edge, passion and inspiration to create.
But remember, its your job to make sure the fire inside you is still burning 🔥

Look at the choices you make:
Do they light you up from within? Or put your inner flame out?

– What makes you feel alive and vibrant?
– What makes you feel stagnent?
– What makes your inner fire burn strong?
– What shuts it out?
– What do you desire in life?
– What are you passionate about?
– What is old patterns that drains your energy, and are no longer serving you?

Please – Make new choices 🙏
Go live your life.
Don’t let anyone or anything close down your inner flame.

It’s your life 🔥
If the flame is small, makes conscious choices to fire it up:
Go follow your desire and your passions 🔥
Break through all the inner and outer restrictions that keep you stagnant.

You are here to live your life fully and inspire others to do the same

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